Monday, February 18, 2013

Winners from the Camper Ustream

Thank you for joining us on Saturday for our first live stream. 7 hours of sister crafting craziness, it was fun though. We did 3 drawings, pulling names of those who joined us live and here are the winners :

TEPD won a Camper mini album, congratulations!
Sunset Carol won a Camper mini album, congratulations!
Sheri  won a suitcase mini and a package of party umbrellas!

We will be getting these off to you shortly. 

Please join us again, I am working on our next project and will be posting it in the upcoming weeks!


  1. Congratulations to those 3 winners!
    Any chance that you will offer for sale a written tutorial? Those of us in the deaf community would greatly appreciate it. Much thanks.

  2. I am offering it for free and you will find it here on the blog. I just wrote it up and Darcie is proofing it and adding pictures. I am so happy you liked it.