Saturday, June 15, 2013

Tutorial for Tiki Bar Mini Album

Aloha Campers! Feeling the island breezes, getting ready for today's Ustream class at 11 a.m. EST and wanted to provide a written tutorial so you can make the Tiki Bar Mini Album along with us.(SIDE NOTE: THERE ARE THREE CORRECTIONS TO THIS TUTORIAL THAT I MADE ON OUR USTREAM SHOW THAT ARE NOT ON THIS TUTORIAL YET, BECAUSE I AM AT MY MOM'S AND CAN'T CHANGE IT.WILL UPDATE CHANGES ON WED JUNE 26TH)Sorry for inconvenience. Please check back.
 It is a rough copy and the final with pictures will be uploaded to Scribd shortly, but those of you who like to craft along with us there you go, just click on the word tutorial. It is in PDF form so make sure you have a way to look at PDF's.

See ya soon! 

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