Monday, July 8, 2013

Before and After Project Pics from the Family Flea Market Challenge

Hey everybody! I have a few pics to share from our family flea market challenge!

My brother George made this great little caddy for 4th of July. He said Dad's could use it as they celebrate their independence LOL. It is so festive.  He Mod Podged the pics on the side, wrapped the handle with ribbon and added nuts to hold the flags in place. All items shown were 10 dollars total.
Flag Holders

After Front

After Back

Next up is our mom's project. using a vintage bill paying caddy, a tall shot glass, a toothbrush holder and a stencil. Her completed project is an organizer for her embellishments and a paintbrush wash and dry caddy. Very clever!


After (She added a flower pen and notepad as an index)

My project became a mini album in a box to put our memories from this trip in. All supplies except paint were from the Flea Market and totaled 10 dollars! Thanks Harry from Jackie's Junk for giving me a great deal!

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  1. WOW!!! What great transformations! Have to admit though, slightly green with envy over moms bill organizer find! What a great way to display current swaps, etc to have out and pet!!!