Sunday, July 7, 2013

Lido Beach

 I had the best weekend getting together with some good friends I have not seen in a year!We went to Lido Beach. My friend Michelle booked us at the Helmsley Sandcastle. Okay this hotel is straight out of the 1970's! But our room was right on the beach, literally. It was clean and cozy and had great A/C, just ask Cyndi, she wore her sweatshirt, socks and a blanket all the time she was inside!

Sunset with my flash on

So peaceful

Breakfast Gulfside with my besties

The sun shining up through storm clouds

We went down to St Armand's to eat at Tango's then finished up dinner with some home made fudge at the candy shoppe next door. Oh yeah and a little scoop of Rum Raisin Ice Cream!  Then we had pizza our last night because after a full day of sun we were wiped out, delivered to the room by Little Italy, it was so delicious I had 2 pieces. YUMMY (I won't say how much Michelle ate!)

I didn't want to leave so guess what? I didn't! I stayed and the rest of the girls went home. I took long walks on the beach, found feathers (wink ArteDar) and have really decided that this is where I want to live. Maybe not Lido but definitely the beach!

Until tomorrow...

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