Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Our Next Ustream Class July 20th

Darcie and I will be streaming on July 20th at 11 am EST. We are moving it up because inevitably something technical goes wrong and it takes us an hour to figure it out LOL. That way you all don't have to wait on us.

This month's project is a blast from our past. We will do 2 of them one using your stash and one using a new product line.

No pics yet from Darcie but I can give you a hint, you might need a cowgirl hat! Yeehaw!
Sure hope you can join us!

I am now uploading pics from our 10 dollar Flea Market Challenge our family did while visiting our mom. These projects really came out cute. We dare you to take up the challenge.

The rules are easy:
1. You get 10 dollars and 1 hour at a flea market
2. You can only use what you buy and you must transform them in some way.
3. You are allowed to use paint, scissors and adhesives to complete your project.

If you take us up on the challenge please post a link in the comment section.

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