Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What A Wild Weekend Part One

Warning: This is going to be a long post!

Friday: Adopting Zippee
This morning Darcie and I got up to rent a pick up truck so we could go pick up our new vintage camper that we purchased in Winter Haven. The lady who sold her to us was very helpful since neither Darcie nor I knew what we were doing, but we learned how to work the hitch and the guy at U-haul showed me how to hook up the brake lights. The hitch however remember is from the 1960's and rusted as all get out and a hand crank to boot!

Darcie did a great job backing up the F150 to the ball and we were on our way. We were told she needed air in her tires, which also looked like they were still from the 60's and the DMV needed a letter from a weigh station so we could get permanent tags. I was trying to look for the location of the dump on my phone, which is where we were told we could have her weighed, Darcie was still driving along at this point w/ camper in tow. I couldn't get a signal so I told Darcie to pull over except there was no place to pull over and when I looked up I recognized where we were and knew that if we kept going straight  it would dead end into the freeway entrance and we would be in trouble.

So I asked her to pull over but then the only place to pull over was exactly where an unmarked police SUV had lights on and was pulled over with another car. I said don't stop here! Only because we were not sure if our blinkers were working LOL our brake lights worked but we hadn't checked the blinkers.

All of a sudden we saw the last turn off before the highway exit, we pulled in and lo and behold it was the Landfill!!! Crazy, we had no idea. So we were like do you think this is where we are supposed to go? Darcie kept driving then we ended up behind a truck we couldn't see a thing but it was too late to turn around and too narrow for us and Zippee to turn around...
 But then when the truck moved forward we saw this sign!!"Stop here, before being weighed"  We ended up at the weigh station!  And if you can see that tiny sign behind the stop sign, it says no cell phone service area, so they scramble the area, no wonder why I had no signal!
Well I will leave you off here and continue the story tomorrow....


  1. I Can't wait for the rest of the Zippee Story.

    1. I posted part 2 today! Thank you for your interest, I go see her today with someone who is going to help me in the restoration.