Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wild Weekend Part 2 (warning long post)

Hey everyone I am back. I have had a busy week so far but I didn't want to leave everyone hanging.  Okay so I left off with Darcie and I at the weigh station. We pulled up and the attendant asked us to take the hitch off the back of the truck so we could weigh the trailer. Well we didn't have a block to put under the hitch so she wouldn't tip and then I really didn't think we could get it back on the hitch since it took 3 of us to get her hooked up in the first place.

She asked us to pull forward and go around and get in the other lane. So we got in the other lane and the attendant asked the drivers of the next truck to help us. They hopped out and were helping me crank. My shoulder is messed up so there was no way I could have done this! The old guy was cranking and cranking banging up against Zippee and with all seriousness as I said "Oh try not to bang up against her and dent her" LOL clearly I was out of my mind, he just laughed then I laughed after I realised how ridiculous what I had just said sounded.

Then a young worker comes over and he helps crank. we get her off and I am like ok everyone off the scale cause at that point the scale was ready over 2,000 pounds which in Florida you need a different more expensive permit for. Okay so we all back off the scale and she reads 1680, sorry Zippee. But for me it was perfect. Now mind you there is a line of trucks and people waiting behind us. The attendant yells over it will be 10 dollars, so while the guy was trying to crank I am like "You keep cranking while I go pay!" So he did, LOL. Then Darcie, Zippee and I were on our way!

The drive back to Camper World was about 45 minutes all highway. We realized we forgot to have the tires checked but we kept on. We pulled into CW where we had her checked out and the guy said the whole thing needs restoring and he said the whole body of the camper needs to come off and her sides peeled off and so on and so on as he pulls a chunk of wood by hand out from under her chassis.

Then proceeds to try to sell me a new camper! I choose not to receive his report. He did say she should not be driven around on a highway (Darcie and I laughed because we new we were protected in getting her there!) He then began to tell us a horror story that if the tires had blown they would explode and the trailer would be in parts all over and it would have taken out not only us but the family  traveling down the highway on the other side. He proceeded to say that if all I wanted to do was take her 5 miles and set her up for a store display that is what she is good for. Trying not to get depressed, we had to get her to the storage place before it closed and the truck needed to be returned.

The only place that could take Zippee for indoor storage was like the Cadillac of all storage places! I found favor with Jim the owner and he only charged me to park her for the cost of a waverunner! Score! They have a valet service and will pull her out to what they call the "staging area" anytime I come out. So here she sits with her new room mates until I can find someone to help me restore her.

Here is Zippee and her new room mates!
Today I found a guy Armando who does restoring and we are going to come up with a game plan to bring her back. I will try to do as much on my own as I can. In the meantime, I may have to start selling some things on Etsy for a SAVE ZIPPEE FUND.

This is only Friday's post from last week... Sat to be continued, our day with Anna (Finnebair) Dabrowska.
 XX, J

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