Friday, August 30, 2013

Zippee Update

Hey Hey Hey! It's not Fat Albert. Sorry just being silly. Today Zippee got a thorough check over. Armando came out to the storage place and when I arrived  she was all tilted! Her wheel had deflated. So she needs new tires for sure, ching ching, then he said her body needs to come off because her under carriage needs to be sandblasted she is all rusty. Ching ching.

But they will put in a new base floor since hers is rotted out and seal it from ground moisture, good news is she gets to keep her sparkly floor! Armando was glad to hear I was going to leave it, we found some in her potty closet that we could steal and replace the missing ones near the door yay!

I know one thing I am def getting and that is a battery operated crank!!!, Geesh that hand crack is crazy hard! Could be that it is just because it has 50 yrs of rust on it! LOL

So tomorrow she gets new kicks and she will be towed to the shop for a trailer micro-dermabrasion treatment : ) Ching ching $

I have come to love my little camper and I will be glad I am bringing her back to her former glory.

So I will keep you posted on all the Zippee makeover steps in the next few months and then maybe we will come for a visit near you!


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