Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Day One of the Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry Class 102

I was so excited to hear that Mr. Holtz was doing a Creative Chemistry Class 102 on www.onlinecardclasses.com. Today was Day one and man-o-man were there a lot of techniques using Distress Paint.

So I started with the marbleizing technique and then the eroded metal and he mentioned that it would look great on an old book. I have had this old hymnal forever and I thought I would try it out on it, why not? Right? Then I decided to all the techniques from Day 1 on the cover and I will make page pockets with the inside to store all the technique tags from this class.

I love how it turned out. If you haven't signed up for it yet click on the link above, it is an unbelievably low price for all of the things you learn and he has guest teachers too.

Can't wait to get started on Day 2 class! Come back tomorrow to see what transpires using his stencils.

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