Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tales from Tuscany - Day 5

Last night, we had our second master class with Tim Holtz. It is so much fun to travel and art at the same time! Today, we are having a cooking class and a tour of a local winery.  Our "letter" today is the perfect place to store those recipes:

Envelope  “Junk” Journal - video is here

1.         Cut a piece of 8 ½ x 11 cardstock or patterned paper to 6 x 11.
2.         Score at 1” on the left short side, 2” from the end on the right side. Fold in.
3.         Fold folded paper in half.
4.         Add a piece of paper to make a pocket to the right side.
5.         Cut up some book paper and make a “junk journal” on the left side.
6.         Attach book papers to the inside of the 1” flap.  Staple or attach with twine.
7.         Make a cardstock circle and attach on the flap with an eyelet.
8.         Wrap with twine and place a bead on the end.

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