Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tales from Tuscany - Day 6

Hi lovely campers! Today is a very busy day - we are touring several beautiful coastal towns in the Cinque Terre and will go past the Carrara marble quarries where Michaelangelo obtained marble for his spectacular statues. Oh, the photos! Today, we are making a great project to display those lovely photos and memories:

Postcard Flip Book - video is here

1.         Take 5 postcards or postcard-size papers. I used two pieces of paper to form the front and back of the postcards.
2.         Cut a 2” x 4” piece of cardstock for an optional pocket.
3.         Line up as pictured, leaving 1/8” in between the cards.
4.         Attach with washi tape on the front and back.
5.         Fold in the way that each piece folds flat.
6.         Attach a charm to a paper clip and use to hold postcards together.

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