Friday, October 25, 2013

Tales from Tuscany - Day 8

Hello, campers! This is the last day of our trip but we are ending with a big day in the gorgeous city of Florence. We have been here before so we are not going on the tour and will be spending the day shopping in our favorite haunts. Shhh, that's a seekret .... Our "letter" for today is a compendium of all the bits and bobs we have accumulated during the week:

Ephemera Roll - video is here

1.         Cut a piece of 6 x 12” patterned paper or cardstock.
2.         Take all the little bits of ticket stubs, small pieces of paper and scraps and collage on the base paper.
3.         Add some journaling in spots, stamp and decorate.
4.         Add some ribbon and attach with a brad on one end.
5.         Fold over and glue a 1 1/2” strip of paper, folded at 1/2”,  on the edge to cover the brad ends.
6.         Roll the paper up so that the brad is on the outside of the roll and tie with the ribbon.  

This is the end of our trip, and we have a beautiful handcrafted item to store our memories in from our wonderful adventure. We hope you have enjoyed traveling with us and we will see you soon in all the usual places! Arriverderci!


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