Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Update on Zippee

Some of you have been asking me about how Zippee is doing so I thought I would share a little update. Armando came to get her 2 weeks ago and take her to the RV restoration place.  I went there on Friday to speak with one of the owners about what it will take to get her up and running, I thought I wold pass out when they gave me the number but I understand they have to fully take her apart then rebuild her. She looked so sad sitting in the sun with both her tires flat.

Big breath, relax. I can see myself traveling all over with her in tow.  Setting up in a cozy spot and crafting all day. Traveling around and visiting some of my artsy friends.  I know I will never get the money back out of her but will all the good times ahead be worth it? A lot to think about.

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