Monday, December 2, 2013

It's A Retro Florida Christmas! Sneak Peek of Upcoming December 7th Ustream Show

I have been planning this project for over 10 months and finally December is here so now I can reveal it. First, I would like to share a few family memories.

When we were growing up, our Grandparents lived in Clearwater Beach, Florida. Our parents would take us to visit them during the holidays and summers. This was their house.

I remember one year I believe I was 6 or 7 there was a bazaar going on at my grandparents church, Grandpa gave me money to play the carnival games and win prizes and I won everything I played. Little did I know but at the time they were just being sweet to a little kid making me believe I won every game! My little brother and I had such fun and when they handed me my tiny toy or candy my heart would leap for joy. Here is a picture of my little brother Chris and I with our grandparents in Clearwater (circa 1971) :

I remember in 1972 we as a family rented a motor home and drove all the way from CT to our grandparent's house and along the way we camped and saw the local sights. We even got to go to Disney World!

According to our mom, Grandma and Grandpa drove up to Waverly in 1961 and brought my brother and sisters this dollhouse that my Grandpa, who was a master carpenter and furniture maker, had made to resemble Grandma's dream house. It had removable legs and a roof that came off that had working lights attached, so when you put the roof on, the house would be lit up on the inside. It was aqua and white and had the traditional carport for a Florida home of that era. Bottle brush shrubs in the planters and sandpaper driveway, all the rooms inside were wallpapered and the little bathroom even had pink and burgundy tiny tiled walls and floor.
Melody and Darcie play with the house as George goes after the car. How cute is that holster he is wearing! And look at the sissies in matching plaid skirts and white shirts, sweet.
This is the original doll house

Over the years it was handed down to me and now I have the job of restoring it one day.

So in honor of my Grandpa and our childhood memories of our visits to Florida I made this mini version of the dollhouse he made for us.

It will even light up! Of course the vintage camper found a nice little home in the carport and I have it all decorated for the Christmas season. The decorations are temporary so after Christmas just take the decorations down then you can leave it up all year long. There is an album inside the house which is removable for your enjoyment.

This will make a great Christmas gift for your family or friends and I hope it may have sparked some fond memories of years gone by.

Wednesday, I will be posting the supply list and the template and worksheet will be ready shortly. We hope you will join us for some more scrap camping on our Ustream channel : on Saturday December 7th at 11 a.m. EST.

Hope to see you there,


  1. I love the dollhouse project...I have 3 1/12 scale miniature doll houses already, but I will definitely be adding your project to my must-do list. Also, I have to know what street your grandparents lived on in Clearwater Beach. My grandparents lived down there too, and we visited all the time from Ohio. Your grandparent's house looks like the one that was next door to my grandparents!

    1. Hi Stacey! Thanks for leaving a comment! I am not sure what the street address was but I can ask my mom and let you know. That would be funny if they were neighbors.

  2. OMGosh - I grew up in St,Pete, and Dunedin. When I was in Jr. High we would take the bus to Clearwater to see the movies, since we didn't have a theater in Dunedin then. We would go to Woolworths and eat at the soda fountain, and if it was a really big splurge, we would eat in the restaurant in Mass Brothers!

    1. That is so cool Libby! I do remember the Maas Brothers in Clearwater that was really the only dept store around. Glad we brought back some childhood memories for you! Thank you for leaving a comment : )