Friday, August 30, 2013

Zippee Update

Hey Hey Hey! It's not Fat Albert. Sorry just being silly. Today Zippee got a thorough check over. Armando came out to the storage place and when I arrived  she was all tilted! Her wheel had deflated. So she needs new tires for sure, ching ching, then he said her body needs to come off because her under carriage needs to be sandblasted she is all rusty. Ching ching.

But they will put in a new base floor since hers is rotted out and seal it from ground moisture, good news is she gets to keep her sparkly floor! Armando was glad to hear I was going to leave it, we found some in her potty closet that we could steal and replace the missing ones near the door yay!

I know one thing I am def getting and that is a battery operated crank!!!, Geesh that hand crack is crazy hard! Could be that it is just because it has 50 yrs of rust on it! LOL

So tomorrow she gets new kicks and she will be towed to the shop for a trailer micro-dermabrasion treatment : ) Ching ching $

I have come to love my little camper and I will be glad I am bringing her back to her former glory.

So I will keep you posted on all the Zippee makeover steps in the next few months and then maybe we will come for a visit near you!


Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Day With Friends and Anna (Finnebair)

Darcie and I got up at the crack of dawn this morning to drive down to Davie to meet up with JJ and take a class with Anna Dabrowska.
What an inspiring day!
Here are a few pictures of our day.
Darcie and JJ crafting away!

My journal covers in progress

Anna is a great teacher, we learned so many cool techniques.

At the end of a great creative day.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Sneak Peek of upcoming Ustream Project

Hello ScrappyCampers! Here are some pictures of September"s Ustream class on Saturday September 7th. I will be posting a supplies list soon. Don't you just love her?!

I hope you will join in on the camp fun! 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Use Up Your Stash Challenge

As I have promised myself this year that will use up my stash in order to make room for new stuff I have noticed the flowers in my craft room have been piling up. This is the result of my 15 minute challenge including hunting and grabbing supplies from around my craft room. So I got out my mists and stencils and stamps and got to work.
I first started with some old MME paper and just started cutting #10 and #8 tag sizes. Then I grabbed a doily stencil and hit it with Lindy's Stamp Gang spray.
I have a bin of fibers so I pulled the rust colored yarn and wrapped it around for some texture. I stapled a torn piece of inkjet printed vellum that I have had for at least 8 years, dyed a couple of Mon Ami Gabby paper flowers w/ the same Lindy's spray and layered it on an old Prima flower. Glued those down over some Want2Scrap bling that I cut from a bigger piece and 2 feathers I ripped from a hideous broach like pin thingy I had in my stash.

I have had these hand dyed tags in my supplies for years, I dyed a bunch of stuff using Making Memories dye packets and then I never used not one of them. There they sat all these years all organized nicely by color on a shelf.  I stamped it using Prima stamps and tucked it in the vellum.

Okay so here is my challenge to you, start a timer at 15 minutes grab 10 items from your stash and create a quick work of art, use it up I say, cause if you don't, someone will after you are dead and gone.


The 8 Track Mini is on it's way...

To the winner of our Ustream show. Here are some pictures of the finished mini album.

I know some of you have run out to find your own 8 track tapes to deconstruct, just use wisdom, be careful,  heat tape parts to be cut off in a well ventilated area, do not breathe in fumes and please wear safety goggles and heat resistant gloves.

Wild Weekend Part 2 (warning long post)

Hey everyone I am back. I have had a busy week so far but I didn't want to leave everyone hanging.  Okay so I left off with Darcie and I at the weigh station. We pulled up and the attendant asked us to take the hitch off the back of the truck so we could weigh the trailer. Well we didn't have a block to put under the hitch so she wouldn't tip and then I really didn't think we could get it back on the hitch since it took 3 of us to get her hooked up in the first place.

She asked us to pull forward and go around and get in the other lane. So we got in the other lane and the attendant asked the drivers of the next truck to help us. They hopped out and were helping me crank. My shoulder is messed up so there was no way I could have done this! The old guy was cranking and cranking banging up against Zippee and with all seriousness as I said "Oh try not to bang up against her and dent her" LOL clearly I was out of my mind, he just laughed then I laughed after I realised how ridiculous what I had just said sounded.

Then a young worker comes over and he helps crank. we get her off and I am like ok everyone off the scale cause at that point the scale was ready over 2,000 pounds which in Florida you need a different more expensive permit for. Okay so we all back off the scale and she reads 1680, sorry Zippee. But for me it was perfect. Now mind you there is a line of trucks and people waiting behind us. The attendant yells over it will be 10 dollars, so while the guy was trying to crank I am like "You keep cranking while I go pay!" So he did, LOL. Then Darcie, Zippee and I were on our way!

The drive back to Camper World was about 45 minutes all highway. We realized we forgot to have the tires checked but we kept on. We pulled into CW where we had her checked out and the guy said the whole thing needs restoring and he said the whole body of the camper needs to come off and her sides peeled off and so on and so on as he pulls a chunk of wood by hand out from under her chassis.

Then proceeds to try to sell me a new camper! I choose not to receive his report. He did say she should not be driven around on a highway (Darcie and I laughed because we new we were protected in getting her there!) He then began to tell us a horror story that if the tires had blown they would explode and the trailer would be in parts all over and it would have taken out not only us but the family  traveling down the highway on the other side. He proceeded to say that if all I wanted to do was take her 5 miles and set her up for a store display that is what she is good for. Trying not to get depressed, we had to get her to the storage place before it closed and the truck needed to be returned.

The only place that could take Zippee for indoor storage was like the Cadillac of all storage places! I found favor with Jim the owner and he only charged me to park her for the cost of a waverunner! Score! They have a valet service and will pull her out to what they call the "staging area" anytime I come out. So here she sits with her new room mates until I can find someone to help me restore her.

Here is Zippee and her new room mates!
Today I found a guy Armando who does restoring and we are going to come up with a game plan to bring her back. I will try to do as much on my own as I can. In the meantime, I may have to start selling some things on Etsy for a SAVE ZIPPEE FUND.

This is only Friday's post from last week... Sat to be continued, our day with Anna (Finnebair) Dabrowska.
 XX, J

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What A Wild Weekend Part One

Warning: This is going to be a long post!

Friday: Adopting Zippee
This morning Darcie and I got up to rent a pick up truck so we could go pick up our new vintage camper that we purchased in Winter Haven. The lady who sold her to us was very helpful since neither Darcie nor I knew what we were doing, but we learned how to work the hitch and the guy at U-haul showed me how to hook up the brake lights. The hitch however remember is from the 1960's and rusted as all get out and a hand crank to boot!

Darcie did a great job backing up the F150 to the ball and we were on our way. We were told she needed air in her tires, which also looked like they were still from the 60's and the DMV needed a letter from a weigh station so we could get permanent tags. I was trying to look for the location of the dump on my phone, which is where we were told we could have her weighed, Darcie was still driving along at this point w/ camper in tow. I couldn't get a signal so I told Darcie to pull over except there was no place to pull over and when I looked up I recognized where we were and knew that if we kept going straight  it would dead end into the freeway entrance and we would be in trouble.

So I asked her to pull over but then the only place to pull over was exactly where an unmarked police SUV had lights on and was pulled over with another car. I said don't stop here! Only because we were not sure if our blinkers were working LOL our brake lights worked but we hadn't checked the blinkers.

All of a sudden we saw the last turn off before the highway exit, we pulled in and lo and behold it was the Landfill!!! Crazy, we had no idea. So we were like do you think this is where we are supposed to go? Darcie kept driving then we ended up behind a truck we couldn't see a thing but it was too late to turn around and too narrow for us and Zippee to turn around...
 But then when the truck moved forward we saw this sign!!"Stop here, before being weighed"  We ended up at the weigh station!  And if you can see that tiny sign behind the stop sign, it says no cell phone service area, so they scramble the area, no wonder why I had no signal!
Well I will leave you off here and continue the story tomorrow....