Friday, October 25, 2013

Tales from Tuscany - Day 8

Hello, campers! This is the last day of our trip but we are ending with a big day in the gorgeous city of Florence. We have been here before so we are not going on the tour and will be spending the day shopping in our favorite haunts. Shhh, that's a seekret .... Our "letter" for today is a compendium of all the bits and bobs we have accumulated during the week:

Ephemera Roll - video is here

1.         Cut a piece of 6 x 12” patterned paper or cardstock.
2.         Take all the little bits of ticket stubs, small pieces of paper and scraps and collage on the base paper.
3.         Add some journaling in spots, stamp and decorate.
4.         Add some ribbon and attach with a brad on one end.
5.         Fold over and glue a 1 1/2” strip of paper, folded at 1/2”,  on the edge to cover the brad ends.
6.         Roll the paper up so that the brad is on the outside of the roll and tie with the ribbon.  

This is the end of our trip, and we have a beautiful handcrafted item to store our memories in from our wonderful adventure. We hope you have enjoyed traveling with us and we will see you soon in all the usual places! Arriverderci!


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tales from Tuscany - Day 7

Today, is our final class with Tim Holtz. Then, we travel to the Chianti region to visit a castle and winery, where we will have a five-course lunch. There is so much to see and do in Italy, but eating is definitely one of the best ways to spend your time here! Our "letter" today will allow us to capture all of the photos from this beautiful region:

Brochure Paper Folded Mini - video is here

1.         Take 2 8 ½” x 11” pieces of paper and fold in quarters.
2.         Glue the bottom right quadrant of one piece behind the top left quadrant of the other; glue on three sides only to make a pocket. Punch a half-circle in the top of the pocket.
3.         On the flap to the right of your new pocket, cut up two inches from the bottom and cut across. Bend to the back of the square above it to make a pocket.
4.         Turn paper over and fold flap down – glue into a pocket. Cut a half-circle.
5.         On the top left quadrant of the top piece of paper, cut across on the horizontal score line to the first vertical fold. Bend back and glue top and bottom to form a side pocket. Cut a half-circle.
6.         Cut two inches off of the bottom center piece of paper, fold up and make a pocket, so that you have two pockets on that page.
7.         Fold as follows:  fold the far-right piece into the center, fold the top-most piece behind in back, fold the left-center piece in front to make the cover.
8.         Tie with a piece of lace and a small flower.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tales From Tuscany Download 3

This is a download of things I had from my last trip to Italy.

Some Italian postage stamps, a gift bag from Venice and a menu from a ristorante in Florence.

I hope you enjoying this Tales from Tuscany series, we can not wait to share more!

Just RIGHT click on the photo and save to use in your project.

Tales from Tuscany - Day 6

Hi lovely campers! Today is a very busy day - we are touring several beautiful coastal towns in the Cinque Terre and will go past the Carrara marble quarries where Michaelangelo obtained marble for his spectacular statues. Oh, the photos! Today, we are making a great project to display those lovely photos and memories:

Postcard Flip Book - video is here

1.         Take 5 postcards or postcard-size papers. I used two pieces of paper to form the front and back of the postcards.
2.         Cut a 2” x 4” piece of cardstock for an optional pocket.
3.         Line up as pictured, leaving 1/8” in between the cards.
4.         Attach with washi tape on the front and back.
5.         Fold in the way that each piece folds flat.
6.         Attach a charm to a paper clip and use to hold postcards together.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tales from Tuscany - Day 4

Hi scrappy travelers - Darcie here.  Today, we tour the historic town of Siena, one of my favorite places in the whole world. I had the BEST risotto the last time I was here and plan to have it again.  Oh, and they are famous for their pistachio gelato.  It should be a yummy day! Our project for today is: 

Triple Page Flip Mini - video is here

1.         Take one piece of 8 ½ x 11” cardstock.
2.         Score on long sides at 2” and 6 ½”.
3.         Score on top short side at 2 1/4” and 2 ½”
4.         Cut out squares on the end formed by the intersecting score lines, fold triangles into center to form a flap.
5.         Fold on other score lines.
6.         Take two pieces of 4 x 12 patterned paper or cardstock, fold in thirds.
7.         Overlap the pages so that you have one page and one foldout on each side.
8.         Punch small holes in the folded sections of the cover and in the pages and tie with twine so the knot is on the inside of the journal, trim the ends.
9.         Make two photo mats and place in the pockets formed by the two folded pieces inside the cover.
10.       Fold up and decorate.

Tales from Tuscany - Day 5

Last night, we had our second master class with Tim Holtz. It is so much fun to travel and art at the same time! Today, we are having a cooking class and a tour of a local winery.  Our "letter" today is the perfect place to store those recipes:

Envelope  “Junk” Journal - video is here

1.         Cut a piece of 8 ½ x 11 cardstock or patterned paper to 6 x 11.
2.         Score at 1” on the left short side, 2” from the end on the right side. Fold in.
3.         Fold folded paper in half.
4.         Add a piece of paper to make a pocket to the right side.
5.         Cut up some book paper and make a “junk journal” on the left side.
6.         Attach book papers to the inside of the 1” flap.  Staple or attach with twine.
7.         Make a cardstock circle and attach on the flap with an eyelet.
8.         Wrap with twine and place a bead on the end.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Download 2 for Tales From Tuscany

Hey everyone! If you are following Darcie and my Tales from Tuscany you might be interested in a few photo downloads for your projects.  Turn them into postcards or tear and collage. The picture of the little boy I took in St Mark's Square in Venice, Italy in 2004. Isn't he cute with the little pigeon on his shoulder. He would look cute photo tinted.

Well stay tuned for 3 more downloads.

Just right click on the photo to save and print for yourself.

Tales from Tuscany - Day 3

Hello Campers! We hope you are enjoying our trip so far and are making some of the projects. They are fun and easy! Today, we visit the beautiful hillside town of San Gimignano. We saw it from afar the last time we were in Italy but now we get to actually go there. Our "letter" today is:

Card and Envelope Mini - video is here

1.         Take two cards and two envelopes. Ours are approx. 4 1/4" x 5 3/4"
2.         Glue one envelope flap inside the other envelope.
3.         Mat the two cards with patterned paper.
4.         Place one card in each envelope, leaving one side of the card outside the envelope and with the two card folds in the center.
5.         You can either leave the cards loose so that they come out, or glue inside so that it forms a simple book.
6.         Fold the two envelopes together.
7.         Glue the outside flap to the outside of the envelope.
8.         Decorate with sealing wax.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Tales from Tuscany - Day 2

Today is our first Master Class with Tim Holtz. We are so excited! After that, we will have a lovely lunch and go see the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Our "letter" for today is:

Matchbook Squash Book - the video is here

1.         Cut a piece of cardstock 4 x 9”.
2.         Score at the 1” and 5” mark.
3.         Cut 1” edge into flap.
4.         Cut a piece of paper 5 ½” x 11”.
5.         Fold as follows:

                                    Fold in half on the long sides
                                    Fold in half on the short sides
                                    Fold each of the 4 corners diagonally to the middle fold

6.         Attach the paper from the middle back section to the cardstock base, next to the flap. You may glue on three sides to make a pocket if you wish.
7.         Attach a chipboard piece on the cover so that you can tuck the flap into it like a matchbook cover.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Download for Tales from Tuscany

Money, Money, Money--- MONEY

JJ sent me potty money LOL so I just had to share. (I was telling people that when we were in Florence they make you put coins in a slot to use the public restrooms and so JJ decided to contribute to my cause especially since there is no potty on the bus) I also had the paper Euro left over from a trip and I thought it would look great in a collage.

So HERE is your download for the day! Just rick click on the picture and save.


Tales from Tuscany - Day 1

Ciao campers! We are in the lovely town of Montecatini Terme. For the first day, we are doing a walking tour of the town and meeting our fellow travelers, so lots of photo ops! As a lot of you know, we streamed a couple Saturdays ago and made a beautiful Florentine letter holder, which we are adding daily "letters" to, journaling our trip.

 We invite you to go on this journey with us. Our first daily project this week is:

Pocket Portfolio Mini - video is here

1.         Use 1 piece 12 x 12” cardstock and cut it to 8 x 12”.
2.         Score from the long side at 2”, 6” and 6 1/8”.
3.         Score at 3” and 9” on the short side.
4.         Fold on all the score lines, toward the center of the paper.
5.         Cut slight angle on each side of the 3” and 6” score lines, up to the 2” score line.
6.         Cut up to the 3” score lines on both sides; cut off that piece.
7.         Cut slight angle to make a flap and fold, leaving 1/8” gusset.
8.         Take 4 x 12” piece that was left, and fold into four sections, like an accordion.
9.         Mat all the sections with patterned paper.
10.       Tuck the accordion into the main pocket.
11.       Close the portfolio and attach a piece of  4 x 6" cardstock matted with patterned paper        to the LEFT Side of the portfolio only. Decorate with ephemera. The portfolio should be able to open.
12.       Tie with twine and attach a small tag to hold portfolio together.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry 102 - Day 5

Today is the last day of class and it was a doozy. I think I embossed everything I could get my hands on!

As you know I signed up for the Creative Chemistry 102 Class at and I have done really well keeping up and I am sad that this is the last day of classes.

Here is the tag I did "Welcome Home" using the Rusting technique on the door lock.

I took a #8 tag wiped Distress Paint in Gathered Twigs and hit the edges with Frayed Burlap. I then ran it through the wood grain embossing folder that I stamped with embossing ink BEFORE running it through. Then I quickly poured Distress Embossing powder in Brushed Corduroy. Love how it looks like an old piece of wood!

 I love the chalkboard effect using the Antiquities Frosted Crystal Embossing Powder and chalk. The keys were done with the Tarnished Silver Technique.

Then I decided to embrace my inner Halloweenie and made this tag:

I love how the icicle embossing folder came out looking like dripping blood!

This technique was called Sticky Powder with Glitter. I used Remnant Rubbings, barbed wire embossing folder hit with Perfect Pearls and I used the Distress Glitter on the skull grunge board piece.

It has been a fun week and I am sad to see it end, but I have Italy to look forward to! YAY!


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry 102 - Day 3

Playing with Distress Glitter! I am a happy girl. This class is so informative, I can not tell you how addictive it is. I have spent hours just playing for 3 days now. Only to be interrupted by physical therapy and occasionally the dog needs to go out.

Here is a tag I made using the Candy & Distress glittering technique.

I ran a #10 black tag through my Vagabond using 2 embossing folders, The December Calendar and Snowflakes. Threw a little tissue tape on one side and applied Versamark ink all over the raised areas, rubbed with Perfect Pearls to get that bronzy gold color.

 I cut up some of the TH Christmas paper and made a belly band and some tickets that I stamped with Christmas sentiments. I die cut Alterations Poinsettias from grungeboard.
Used 3 shades of distress inks to color, then glassy accents and Rock Candy Glitter. I just LOVE how it sparkles and picks up the color underneath.  Liquid Pearls finished off the centers. So pretty!!!!

Here are the other tags I did. The photo was a download from class that we learned how to use Distress Makers to photo tint. I loved the Brayer Stain technique!

Another cool effect was using Matte Glue n Seal and Distress Clear Rock Candy Crackle Paint. To get this Cracked Glass effect.

I have had this antique porcelain little doll body hanging around forever. She just fit perfectly on top of that little vial don't you think?

Okay so here is an overall pic of what Day 3 had in store for me.

Get your craft on peeps!

Creative Chemistry 102 Day Four

Okay guys we are trucking along, I can not believe there is only one day left!So happy I signed up for this online class that Mr. Tim Holtz is teaching. I have learned and relearned so many techniques and have been able to really use up my stash. Which for me is a huge YAY!

Here is the card I made doing the Faded Layers technique.

Here are some more examples of what we did in class. Faux Patina, Ombre,  Alcohol Ink on Tinsel Twine, Mono Print. Who knew you could do all this with Alcohol Inks. AND I finally broke out my Refillable Alcohol Ink Pen!

If you want to learn all these cool techniques it is not too late to sign up HERE.

Products I used: 
Glossy Card stock
Adage Tickets
Crystal charm (TH but not sure the exact name)
Crinkle ribbon (dyed with Distress Stains)
Bull Clip
Remnant Rubbings (Can not tell you how much I love them!)
Spiral Pin, enamel dot clock, clip hanger thingy(sorry not sure what these are called TH)
Glassine Envelope
Tissue Tape
Jump rings

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Creative Chemistry Class 102 Day Two

I am falling a day behind but I am getting them done! Here are the tags I made in the day 2 class. I did all of the backgrounds but I got inspired by the burlap stencil and finished out a Thanksgiving Tag. Hope you like them, it is not too late to sign up for the class. You can sign up here,

 Less than a week to go before Italy!!!! So excited about the trip, I have packed and unpacked 3 times already LOL, I am  really trying to just take a carry on because of my shoulder issue. I will get it all in, I picked up some of those vacuum bags and they seem to be helping. Hope you will join us on our trip by joining us here and getting your free downloads and daily vlogs.

See ya tomorrow XX,

Update on Zippee

Some of you have been asking me about how Zippee is doing so I thought I would share a little update. Armando came to get her 2 weeks ago and take her to the RV restoration place.  I went there on Friday to speak with one of the owners about what it will take to get her up and running, I thought I wold pass out when they gave me the number but I understand they have to fully take her apart then rebuild her. She looked so sad sitting in the sun with both her tires flat.

Big breath, relax. I can see myself traveling all over with her in tow.  Setting up in a cozy spot and crafting all day. Traveling around and visiting some of my artsy friends.  I know I will never get the money back out of her but will all the good times ahead be worth it? A lot to think about.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Day One of the Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry Class 102

I was so excited to hear that Mr. Holtz was doing a Creative Chemistry Class 102 on Today was Day one and man-o-man were there a lot of techniques using Distress Paint.

So I started with the marbleizing technique and then the eroded metal and he mentioned that it would look great on an old book. I have had this old hymnal forever and I thought I would try it out on it, why not? Right? Then I decided to all the techniques from Day 1 on the cover and I will make page pockets with the inside to store all the technique tags from this class.

I love how it turned out. If you haven't signed up for it yet click on the link above, it is an unbelievably low price for all of the things you learn and he has guest teachers too.

Can't wait to get started on Day 2 class! Come back tomorrow to see what transpires using his stencils.