Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Nicky the Altered Inker made a SCS Camper and look how cute it is!

Sorry this took so long just learning how to link things and post pics and such so I HAD to share Nicky's link to her blog so you can check out what she did with our camper template and tutorial. I feel bad as she sent them to me March 6th 2013! But better late than never.

She is an incredible artist and you will love all her other creations so go check out her blog, The Altered Inker ( Click on that and it will take you there.) You will also see the other images of the camper and how she created her own awning and chair!

So thank you for sharing Nicky and anyone else who makes our projects I would love to feature it on our blog just email me a link to the photos.

Have a Happy Scrappin Camp Day!