Saturday, March 22, 2014

A day of Art with Lorraine Bell

I have been participating in The Documented Life Project with Roben Marie Smith and the other artists from Art to the 5th. Here is a LINK  So when I saw that Lorraine Bell was going to be teaching classes at She Scrapbooks in Lady Lake
 I had to go.

What a great day and what a fantastic teacher! You know I have taken a lot of classes in my life and it is always such a joy when you get the privilege to actually have a teacher who is gifted in "teaching". Not all teachers have a "teaching gift" and in the scrapbooking industry more and more I notice artists being forced into teaching because they are either promoting their lines or it is a good stream of income for them. I have had some bad experiences. I know it is hard work to put together a class I used to teach at a LSS. It takes a ton of prep work and time and you are lucky if you make any money at all. I did it for the joy, I love to teach, do I think I am a great teacher, no by any means but I try to glean what I can from those who are. Lorraine Bell is no exception, she was kind, encouraging and thorough. People in class would ask questions and she would answer them as if it were the most important question of the day. She took her time and explained the process and just made everyone feel as if they could do anything. It was a "safe" environment.
Her projects were fantastic and I know I will use many of the techniques we learned over and over in my daily art. So this being said, if you have the fortune of getting her in your area by all means GO!!

I sat next to Stephanie the owner of the store for the whole day, what a sweetie! We had a great time as we splashed colors all over our pages and ourselves, if you live in the area of the Villages go and support them it really is a great store, they have the latest and greatest and the staff is very pleasant.

If you want to see pictures from our day click on this link 

Well enough rambling for the day, go hug your teacher if they are awesome in your eyes and check out the DLP it is a great way to document every day life and the artists involved are amazing.



  1. Everyone looked like they are loving it! Such beautiful creations.
    Hugz, Z

  2. What a great post...and so so so so so! So glad you had a wonderful experience from a wonderful teacher! That store looks awesome!