Wednesday, April 30, 2014

It's Upcycle Wednesday

Trying to do my part on Earth Day by keeping stuff out of the landfill.  I just got my Tim Holtz Distress Mini ink pads in this week and I needed something small and portable to bring them with me when I travel in Zippee (she's only 10 ft. ya know). I found this cool box for 69 cents at my local thriftstore a few weeks back and had yet to use it. I haven't a clue what  it actually held in the 1960's but in this century it is going to house my cute little mini Distress Ink Pads and a few water brushes. 

I measured the inside and made a shallow box to fit inside. Covered it with some polka dot print paper and I used it as a tray. I added a Tim Holtz Ideology key as a tray pull and covered the edges with some washi tape.
Since I am taking the Watercolor Card Class I decided I would make a swatch sheet of all the colors of the mini distress inks and attach it to the lid of the box. I did debate whether I should decorate the outside of the box but then decided to keep the integrity of the era and left it plain, maybe one day I'll decide I want to cover it. I have room to add more if Mr. Holtz decides he wants to add a few more colors ; ).
I hope you enjoyed my upcycle for this week, stay tuned for more projects in the future. Make sure you remember to set your alarms for Saturday morning 8:00 EST. And join us for our monthly Ustream class. You will love our next project, sneak peeks will be up this week.
So here is your challenge for the week, find an item to use as storage and upcycle it. You get a two fer cut down on landfill AND start your spring cleaning by organizing.
Scrap on people! XX J

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  1. Love the swatch and this box is the perfect size! Now to jazz up the!!!! Way to go!