Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thrift Store Thursday Project-Upcycle a Faux Filofax

I find these organizers all the time in my local thrift stores. Sometimes they are leather and sometimes they are vinyl but either way they make a great organizer. In 5 easy steps you too can transform one of the unsightly calendars into a beautiful gift for a friend or for yourself. 
 1.  First measure out your organizer. Pick out your papers and take a sheet of sticky back canvas, scan the paper that you choose for your cover and print on the sticky back canvas. 
  2. Cover the organizer with the sticky back canvas cutting around the snap closure ( I had to piece mine to work but I simply covered the seam with trim)

 3. On the cover I added a piece of trim, some canvas chipboard stickers to add the word "life" and then I also added a rub on saying "secrets".  You can decorate however you choose according to who will be using it.

 4. Punch holes in decorative paper to make dividers. I added a calendar, notepads, washi tape, binder clips, a pen, and a calculator but you can add whatever you think you'll need while you're on the go.
 5. This organizer had a slot for a notepad in the back so after covering with the sticky back canvas I added notepad in the slot.

Well there you have it, 5 simple steps to an awesome organizer hope you had fun and I hope you go digging to find your own, maybe you even have one of these stashed in a drawer somewhere. Hope you join me for next week's thrift store Thursday upcycle xx, j.

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