Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thrift Store Thursday Upcycle

Hey all! Just wanted to share a flea market find from our Mom. When we all went to visit her last summer we did a Flea Market Challenge, 1 hr/10 dollars and you must only use items found.
You can see the challenge here: and part 2 where we show what we found is here: The quality isn't the greatest because I recorded it on my cellphone, but you can get the idea.

My mom has been organizing her craft area so her items are being repurposed for her craft area.
A toothbrush holder, a small bud vase, plastic 45 sleeves and a bill paying center is what my mom found with her 10 dollars. (she said she even had 3 dollars leftover!)

 The toothbrush holder became a craft brush holder, the bud vase fit right down into the center which would normally hold toothpaste, that way she can fill it with water to clean her brushes and then put them in the holes to stand them up to dry.
A leaf stencil and a little paint helps freshen up the bill paying box which now houses her embellishments in the 45 record sleeves.

No need to spend all kinds of money when organizing your craft supplies just look around I am sure you can repurpose something.

Sneak Peeks of our upcoming project for the Saturday, June 7th Ustream class is just around the corner, I hope you will mark it on your calendar and spend the day with us.



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