Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Antiquing in PA

Fun times and beautiful weather that is all I can say. Junking in Pennsylvania with my family proved very interesting lol. My SIL and I found shelves of boxes of found relatives, she struggled with the fact that they were someone's family and then they end up in a box in a junk store. But I said we can adopt them and give them new lives. So we created a whole story around Beatrice and gave her a husband and children and a long lost grandpa in France. We even found a pic of her in a 1910 bathing suit at the beach!
We then made our way to Premise Maid candy and ice cream shop, oh glory, this place was heaven.  They were giving out free samples, don't mind if I do, ha! The ice cream was delish except for the Tea Berry it was gross and tasted like Pepto Bismal, but it soon was replaced by the wonderful flavor of coconut, caramel, chocolate, their Girl Scout ice cream which I believed to be patterned after the Samoa cookie (my personal fave).

I hope everyone is having a great week, I will be posting pictures of Zippee's Homecoming next week so stay tuned

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