Thursday, October 30, 2014

Zippee and I are off to the beach

I am laying in the bed with the camper windows cranked open just enjoying the cool breeze and the sound of crickets as I write this.

I am exhausted. It is not an easy chore to pack up for a camping trip I tell you. I need to think how I am going to stream line this. As I set up my campsite I can see I am not needing half the stuff I brought and realized I didn't bring the stuff I really needed. Like extra fuses, a longer hose, (who would have thought 25ft was so short, sure sounded long), another extension cord for the bug zapper. I am glad I froze a gallon water jug for my cooler though it kept everything ice cold all day and tomorrow I will use the water for drinking since it will be thawed out. It's a great hurricane prep tip. I learned alot back in 2004 when we got hit with 3 of them in one year.

Tomorrow, I will write more about my first day camping and the special people I am with, but for now it's lights out I am exhausted. Oh yeah I already said that, see I really am.

Lights out campers!


  1. Such a cute camper! Don't let Zippee get to much sand is his or hers tires! LOL Hope your camping trip is wonderful and you have a fantastis time!