Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Kitschy Koffee Klatch is February's Ustream Class

Grab your coffee cups campers for a blast back to the 1960's. When women would gather in their kitchens with house coats on like these as seen in this ad for Sears.
My mom said they would get together for coffee in their housecoats and curlers. Now we have Google hangouts and VS blinged out warm-ups!

I was inspired by Kaisercraft's Tea Break paper line and of course our mothers, who sat around and talked about us and their daily lives before doing all the housework before they had to be dressed in high heels and pearls when their husbands got home from the office.

This is a great line, I loved all the ephemera and the stamps are too cute! I hope you can join Darcie and I in the making of this mid-century percolator mini album on our Ustream channel, Saturday February 8th at 11 a.m. EST. Come in your housecoats, curlers and of course bring your coffee cups!


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Where are you headed after CHA? We are going to Disneyland!

Hello from our last day in Anaheim!

Today CHA was fast and furious. We being newbies didn't realize that the show floor closed at 2 and we hadn't placed all of our orders, YIKERS! So no streaming just a lot of running around.

We then left and went here

with Geriann, Anita and Amy.

 Again fast and furious because our tickets were only good from 4-8 pm. We did manage to get on some rides though. The crowds were nothing like Disney World. The castle paled in comparison to the one at Disney World, which was shocking to me. Still it was exciting to get to see the original park. It really was the happiest place on earth especially when I got my cotton candy! LOL!

Geriann made an excellent tour guide and she took us to the guest relations booth where we all received our first timer badges. Then a quick pic with Daisy and off to go on the Buzz Lightyear, Teacups, It's A Small World, Space Mountain and the train rides. So much fun but everyone's feet were hurting after being on them for six straight days at CHA.

In the next few days I will be uploading photos from our days at CHA but in the meantime go to our USTREAM channel and enjoy our adventures there.

Happy Scrapping! XX, J

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

CHA Day 5 Looking For More Scrappy Goodness

Hey everyone! We are having a great time here in Anaheim. I hope you have been able to visit our Ustream channel to see all the new products coming out, our exchanges with certain "celebrities" and a make n take or two. I've been able to record from my phone so excuse the video and video mishaps!

Today I will take you over to the American Crafts booth and a few of our other favorites. I wonder who will be hanging out today at the show? We did discover and buy the new Stella light. I love the new colors and the fact that it has a remote. I bought the one that clamps on to my desk, no more pesky shadows while streaming my classes, can we all say, " YAY!"

Thank you to those who have joined me on the adventure of our first visit to the Craft and Hobby Association Mega Show. See ya later for more from Anaheim.


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

VHS Mini Album Completed Projects

Hey Campers! I am posting these pictures from our NYE Streamathon Class. Darcie used Webster's Pages New Year New You, I used the DCWV Vintage Collector and our mom used Mademoiselle line by DCWV.  Hope you enjoy our completed projects! And thank you again for joining us for the NYE Streamathon, we look forward to ringing in the new year with you all next year! Off to CHA! Woot!

Look out for Youtube videos on our Youtube channel and streams on our Ustream channel from CHA

Monday, January 6, 2014

My One Little Word..

Why forward? Well I am tired of looking back! I keep seeing people post the Ali Edward Challenge of their one little word for 2014 so I decided to choose one for this year. I love the song Moving Forward by Ricardo Sanchez, part of the lyrics are "I'm not looking back I'm moving ahead. I 'm here to declare to you that I'm Moving Forward!"

 Last year seemed to get away from me, I actually sat back and saw how one event melted into the next and before I knew it, the year was gone. I wanted so much, to accomplish so many things last year and now I have to move them into this year. I have my list going in my head for things to get finished this year, like my kitchen, bathrooms and laundry room, front pavers and organize my garage, clean out and get rid of my warehouse and set up an etsy shop to sell off all the cool things my sister and I find on our travels. So this year is going to entail me being home more and traveling less. But Zippee will be finished so maybe I can squeeze in a few local trips here and there to feed the wanderer in me :)

So FORWARD it is,




adverb Also, forwards.
toward or at a place, point, or time in advance; onward; ahead:to move forward; from this day forward; to look forward.
toward the front: Let's move forward so we can hear better.
into view or consideration; out; forth: He brought forward severalgood suggestions.
toward the bow or front of a vessel or aircraft.
ahead  defs 4, 5 

I am going to look forward, move forward position myself forward!

How about you? What is your One Little Word?