Friday, November 28, 2014

Enjoying a Long Thanksgiving Weekend

Happy Thanksgiving y'all! This is Darcie.  When we went camping at the beginning of the month, we made a three part project celebrating the fall season.  A canvas by Johnna, a card by our friend and co-camper  JJ ( click here to go to her website to see how to make the card) and a fall leaf banner by me, which is stored behind the canvas.  It was so cold and windy during that trip that all we could do was the card inside one of our camper vans.  Johnna did a Ustream show of the canvas and I did....uh...nothing. Well I made the card, the canvas and the banner but didn't show it, so here are my instructions for the banner with some cool news at the end :-)

You will need:
  • The PDF pattern HERE of the leaves.
  • 1/4 yd x 35-45" muslin or other lightweight cotton fabric.
  • 3-4 pieces of cardstock, any muted shade is fine.
  • 3-4 pieces of double-sided designer paper in various patterns. We used Carta Bella "A Perfect Autumn" and there was enough in the paper kit for all three of us. So cute!
  • 8 eyelets.
  • 2-3 yards of fiber, twine, ribbon or any combination to match your project.
  • 2' of ribbon, one or two colors. You may use 1" wide ribbon, seam binding, or any other ribbon that is matched to your project or can be colored. 
  • Embellishments - stickers, chipboard pieces, cut-outs from your paper line.
  • Items to make a charm - a small ornament, beaded charm, hanging doodads, etc
Tools and supplies:
  • Paint in autumn colors. I used TH Distress paints in Scattered Straw, Rusty Hinge, Ripe Persimmon and Peeled Paint.
  • Water soluble sprays. I used Dylusions in Squeezed Orange and Lemon Zest and Lindy's Canna Lily Burnt Orange and Grab a Guy Gold for a shimmer.
  • Matte medium or Mod Podge. I used the Antique Matte one but it doesn't matter. Just has to be liquid and stay wet for a while. Gel will be too heavy. 
  • Ink pad. I used Distress Ink Vintage Photo.
  • Both fabric and paper scissors. 
  • Cropodile or hole punch and eyelet setter.
  • Paint brushes for the medium and the paints.
To make the leaves:
Cut eight leaves out of cardstock, two of each design.  

2) Paint the fabric: lay out the leaves on one single-thickness sheet of the fabric, leaving 2 -3 inches or so around each one to figure out how much you need.  Then remove the leaves and paint. Dab or brush the paint on the fabric in spots of color until it is all covered in colors of green, muted brown, orange, yellow and red. Spritz with a little water to spread the colors. Let it dry.

2) Cut eight leaves out of the patterned paper, being careful to choose patterns that won't be next to each other in the banner. Each leaf will be an alternating design, so line up your leaves and then select your paper, keeping in mind which side will be on the back of the leaf. THE LEAVES ARE NOT SYMMETRICAL to keep it interesting, so just work your way through one at a time until all your pattern paper leaves are alternating and facing the right direction. 

3) Once the fabric is dry, cut a section of the fabric 2-3 inches bigger than the cardstock leaf. Cover the leaf and the underside of the fabric with Mod Podge. Put a lot on because you want to be able to move the fabric around on the cardstock. 

4) Now, pinch the fabric in tiny folds and move around until you get the desired wrinkled effect. If the fabric lifts up, it means that it's getting dry underneath so you may have to add a little more medium under that spot. Go around the edges, lifting the bottom so you can see where the cardstock leaf is. Make sure the fabric is tightly adhered to the cardstock around all the edges.  Do each leaf this way and let dry.

5) Turn over and trim the excess fabric away from the leaf edges. You should have enough medium on the edges so the fabric won't fray but if not, add some to the edges at this time and let dry.

6) Hold your sprays very closely to the fabric top of each leaf and spray a couple of shots of color onto the leaf. Finish with a sparkly gold.

7)  When the leaves are completely dry, glue the patterned paper to the back of each leaf.

8) Lightly run your inkpad over the wrinkles in the top of the fabric to make veins and around all the edges, front and back. 

 9) Decorate the back with stickers, chipboard, pockets, tags, etc.

10) Place eyelets in the top center of each leaf, about 1/4" from the edge.

Make the banner:

11)  Take the fibers, tie a knot at one end and let two inches of fiber hang down making a tassel. String your leaves in an alternating pattern, working your way from the back to the front.

12) Tie the front end in a loop, tying a knot behind the first leaf to make the loop. You can use this to hang the banner or hold the mini album when it is pulled up.

13) Clip or tie a charm on the front and add a ribbon bow. You're done!

 14) You can drape the banner on a table, or hang from a hook as part of your holiday display. It would be cute on a door!

14) To pull up the banner into a mini album, simply pull the leaves tighter together until all of the fiber is hanging out the back. Wrap the fiber around the leaves, using the tassel on the end to tuck and hold in place.

Now for the surprise: you can use this same technique to make a Christmas Holly Banner-Mini Album! HERE is the pattern for the holly leaves and berries. The leaves are done the same way as the autumn ones only with shades of green paint. The berries are chipboard, painted red with added highlights and glitter and covered in gloss medium or Glossy Accents. I will be showing you how to make that one too. Stay tuned!