Thursday, January 8, 2015

CHA or Bust

I love January! Crisp air, clean house, I took all of the Christmas decor down and cleaned my house only issue is all my Christmas boxes are in my garage and not in the storage closet :/ Oh well I will leave it for when I get back.

We are going to be streaming Monday from the CHA floor, We have a different set up since last year so hopefully the video will be better. Not sure what time so just set yourself up to check our Twitter feed ScrappyCamperSisters for all the up to date pics and live video streams:

Trying to pack light this trip so I can scoot through the airport, however, it is amazing how much I need for 4 days, urrgghh.  I am trying to pack a small suitcase inside a larger empty one because last year I did come back with a bunch of stuff from the show. Not that you can shop but you get to do a lot of make n takes and each vendor gives you catalogues.

I am all bundled up, it may be Florida but it still gets cold, temperatures dipped down last night, wind was whipping and I pulled out the flannels :) 

Today I was working in my Documented Life Project 2015 Journal  I finished my first page, Be Your Own Goal Keeper. I used a door and quote from an old calendar and I just love this project if you haven't heard of Documented Life just click on the link above and check it out. Last year I kept up all year and I am so glad I did, I think it is the first art journal/journal I actually completed!  I loved being able to go back and flip through it. I can not believe what all I did and what I  went through last year. It was not an easy year but somehow I managed to do a lot of fun things despite. CHA 2014 Anaheim, missions trip to Dominica, The Longest Yard Sale, Steampunk Soiree, Camping Art Retreat, just to name a few.

 So here's to a great year ahead, full of inspiration, creativity, exploring and new adventures. Making new friends, developing deeper relationships with the friends I already have and just plain having fun  are my goals this year, Last year was just too serious of a year, This year Girls Just Wanna Have Fu-un kinda year.

It's all about living a life poured out!

Hugs, J

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