Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thrift Store Thursday And A Preview Of Saturday's Ustream Show "Stuck On You"

Yesterday, I did my rounds at my favorite junk and thriftstores. I love just digging through piles looking for hidden treasures. I was actually just wanting to get a couple of record albums for a few missions trips I have coming up this year and I actually did!  One is for the Caribbean, when I go Dominica in the spring and the other is Scandinavia. Here is a photo of my Christmas journal using the front of an old record. I showed it on our December ustream show.

I am not telling you to go raid your husband's record collection or to cut up heirlooms, use the ones where the album is all wrecked and scratched beyond repair. So please as our friend Dede "inkwell" would say "Don't email me!" 

Lots of projects planned for upcoming Thrift Store Thursdays:

The canister box and the wood expandable rack I am going to paint with chalk paint and use in Zippee. The canister has a plastic canister inside I can take out and wash. However the lid is not lockable but I don"t think racoons will raid coffee, hmm not sure on that one. The rack I think will be handy in the potty closet to hang my shower caddy, beach towel, bathing suit, etc. 

Last year, I took a class with Christy Tomlinson, she made bracelets out of belts, differently than how Darcie showed you how to do on one of our Ustream shows. So I had to snag these 2 belts for a buck a piece. The peace belt buckle will be perfect as a closure on my Scandanavian Journal.

One of the junk shops I went to had books half off, uh I love books and I had to limit myself which was really difficult when they are only 25 and 50 cents!  Greek Isles is on my bucket list so there is no reason why I shouldn't start working on that travel junk journal! A dictionary, you can never have enough dictionary paper in my opinion, and this one has cute illustrations. The blue linen book I am going to gut and just use the cover, the inside had water damage so I won't feel bad gutting it.  I found a great England book, I know I will be going back there in the near future for sure so I might as well start reading about it, plus it is a nice addition to my Downton Abby addiction!
Last year, Darcie, JJ and I attended a Debbie Schuh class where we made darling mini albums using Golden books, I picked these up for 25 cents each. They will make darling presents. Speaking of presents, I found an entire bag of these small little booklets, when I opened the booklet up they were post it notes! I bought the whole lot of them. How cute are these going to be with some gelli plate sticky back canvas? So excited will probably get to work on those ASAP. That white leather photo album I am going to add a Tim Holtz ring binder to the inside and put some watercolor paper in it, the photo pockets for Peerless water color palette papers and I am good to go, will post photos soon of that upcyle. By the time I get this post up I will have it finished!
Old patterns make great gift wrap and at 25 cents need I say more?!!

So, now on to Saturday's class "Stuck On You". Darcie will be teaching you how to make this adorable "Ductdori" and we have a month long challenge for you to go along with it.  
Here is my version of the ductdori, Ahhh I am addicted to this fox and hedgehog duct tape! It will be so cute to use when camping. I was at the Dollar General store and came across these sweet owl pencils that match the duct tape, yay, I love when that happens :)

This "Stuck on You" Stick It Down Challenge makes me want to Sing the Elvis Song
Click there if you want to join me in song. 

Look for the tomorrow's post where you will find the free download for the Stick It Down Challenge and make sure you use the hashtag, #stickitdown on any social media site and post pictures of you participating or your ductdori and a finished challenge list. We will be having a drawing from the participants on March 31st.

I will hopefully get to chat with you on Saturday,February 14th, yes it is Valentine's Day,  here is the link to our Ustream Channel and we will be on at 10 am EST. 


  1. Looks like it's going to be a great show!! As always, I hope I can make it there live. I hate missing out on all the fun in chat. What's a stream without some good ol' laughing and (clap). Unlike you though, the duct tape makes me want to sing "what does the fox say?". So lets say I owe you one!!! LOL

  2. How fun is all of that!!! Love it!! I will hope to catch Saturday's stream!!! (((Hugs)))

  3. I debated about getting that duct tape but had to resist. I have a lot of duct tape already, but I may have to go back for it lol

    1. Erika, it is really hard there are so many cute patterns, and now they have a camper duct tape, oh loveeeeeee

  4. I missed your show and I really hate that I was going to watch it for my birthday treat when do I need to tune in if I live in Missouri I just found you guys and am so excited to watch and participate please let me know when the next show is love your thur thrift store finds the tape make me think of the fox song to ding dings ding ding have fun

    1. So sorry you missed our show live, we do save our recordings on Ustream and on Youtube. We stream on the first Saturday of the month so we will be streaming April 4th 10 am EST. If you follow us on Twitter we always post reminders or you will get a reminder from Ustream if you follow us on there. We are ScrappyCamperSisters everywhere on social media. Hope you can join us live soon!