Sunday, February 22, 2015

Your Story Sunday Part One

I came across this book,"To Our Children's Children", a journal of family memories the other day and was inspired to start writing down my family memories. My mom did hers and my grandparents a few years back and I cherish it.  As the years pass I am forgetting the fine details of what makes up the fabric of my life, friends, notes from family members, small encouragements that over time fade away.

Sundays for me,  are a time of rest,recharging and reflection. So what better day to start to write down my thoughts and work through this book. I am just using this book as inspiration.  If you want to join me grab a journal and a cup of your favorite beverage as we start to reminisce and write it down. By the end of the year your story will be on paper and you will have such a keepsake to hand down to a loved one. You will also learn to appreciate those around you and the little things in your life.

Today's prompt: What is your name, birthplace including hospital, how old you are as you begin this journal and this date.

Are you or were you married and to whom? Do you have any children, grandchildren, adopted? spiritual children? What are their ages as of this date and where were they born?

Simple huh?  If you have any pictures you want to add to this just stick them down, it doesn't have to be decorative, it just needs to get done.

I am using this small binder from Staples, eventually I will decorate it or maybe I won't, but the pages inside are what matter and in a binder I can take them out and always bind them some other way. I can also add pages if I find pictures. I need to see if I can find pocket page protectors in case I want to add vintage one of a kind photos until I can have a copy made to be able to stick them down.

If it is easier to type it out then go for it, but try to include a sample of your handwriting somewhere, I love seeing my mom's handwriting and my grandmother's. People don't write as much if ever so try to preserve yours and your family members.

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