Friday, January 1, 2016

This month's Come Clean in 2016™ Challenge is Chipboard

This month's challenge is CHIPBOARD. This category includes shapes, mini albums, sheets of chipboard, cereal box, alphabets and anything chipboard that you are saving to alter one day.
Get your 3 boxes ready, Toss, Keep, Donate. If you can, set up a table other than your desk so you have a landing spot. Set your timer for 30 min. Quickly make a sweep through your space grabbing any chipboard you can see, don't think about it, just take it and set it on that table.  Take a photo like mine if you want.

Next, you will want to start your process. The process is in the printable so I won't repeat it here.
Once you decide what you want to keep, now think about what you have or need that you can store it in and put it away.
This is how I stored mine after I went through it. I really was amazed by how much I had and at first overwhelmed but then I realized I don't ever use it and I have had it for years. So I really purged as you can see. So in this case I chose to Lose it instead of Use it. 

I put the chipboard scraps (I use these for binding mini albums) in a 8x10 paper holder. The mini albums I limited myself to a small bin, I think I saved roughly 12. The blackboard shaped album I thought would be cool to use as a texture comb on a gelli plate (new ways of using an old product) and one Iris drawer with various shapes and alphabets. I kept 4 shaped albums to use for the Bonus Project this month.

Today's Ustream Project:
Use your Alpha Chipboard and let's mono print a tote bag, Yes! I said "Tote Bag, Darcie LOL". This will be the tote bag that will hang on a hook so you can see it on the way out the door.
You will be using this bag throughout the year to take things to the post office (happy mail) and  donation center (yes girl you can do it!)

Organizing Tip:

      Just when you think "20 minutes a day is not enough time to get things done so why bother? " but it adds up. (Math alert) If you take 20 min a day to clean out a drawer, a shelf , a box you will have, at the end of a year, spent approx 120 hrs decluttering your craft room! Just think of how much you will have done!! So set those timers girls and get going because it really will make a difference.

Bonus Organizing Challenge:

     Organize the drawer to the right or left of your desk.This should house "most used" items that you may not want or have room for on the top of your desk.  Empty out the contents, all of it!! Wipe the inside of that drawer down. Now Purge, Sort, and Organize. If you have duplicate items in that drawer decide if you want to keep duplicate items there or put in a duplicate item bin (we will be addressing that at a later time)

Bonus Project Using Chipboard:

Party Treat Boxes

This is a great little project using all those shaped mini albums you probably have.
A treat box to use as name place card holders

Gather supplies. For this you will need a small box of any kind or you can make your own out of chipboard. A chipboard mini album piece.  Some scrapbook paper, adhesive, ribbon and embellishments.

Trace around shape and box onto patterned paper. Take some washi and wrap around purse and box.

Add a bow on the handle and a sentiment or your guest's name. Adhere purse onto front of box.
Glue a flower on it if you wish and you now have a cute little gift box or place card holder.

These are so cute for a birthday party, bridal shower or baby shower. Super quick and super easy.


  1. Hi Ladies, you mention a printable for the process but I can't seem to find it, I have looked on the FB group page too. Is it on the blog somewhere, thanks - great project by the way x