Sunday, May 1, 2016

May Come Clean 2016 Challenge CARD STOCK

Hello and greetings from under a pile of card stock! Yes, card stock. This month our challenge is to organize our card stock. Back in the day when I first started scrapbooking, around 1997 or so, there wasn't much out there for supplies. Not a whole lot of printed paper anyway. I was first introduced to Creative Memories so of course I had to have it all, you never knew if you were going to be able to get it again. Then Bazzill came on the scene and smooth carstock wasn't good enough you had to admire the the texture of Bazzill. Shortly after Bazzill started designing colors around the patterned paper that was emerging by all the scrapbook companies that were out there in the the 2000's. By the year 2002 there were kit clubs and the kits were full of card stock, to match the kit of course!
Then Ebay, oh Ebay (le sigh) You mean you can actually buy card stock in bulk? It was all a downward spiral of collecting just the right shade! One was too light, too dark, too yellow or now most of you reading this can all agree these might be some of the reasons your card stock supply grew.

Organizing card stock is so BORING!!! It is not exciting to look at, touch or even deal with, so I have to pump the jams when I tackle it, LOL. I organize by color now. I used to organize by size, texture and color but now I realized that if I want green I am just going to grab for green. The Cropper Hopper 12x12 upright storage boxes really are handy. They look like the old magazine storage boxes but they are clear and bigger. There are many Youtube videos out there for making your own out of large cereal boxes if you cannot afford or cannot access the ones by Cropper Hopper. I used to have a rolling file cart where I would hang my paper but I slowly outgrew it years ago and it went into a garage sale probably.

Kit bags that I have not used I left the card stock intact with the kit and labeled the bag for what project I want to use it for. My planner obsession is really eating away at my cardstock because I have been making tons of cute paper clips on the Cricut, oh and cutting out shapes as faux-phemera for Project Life and Pocket Letters. I have been cutting out numbers for my Listersgottalist books too.

Make a list of ways you can use up your card stock. Hopefully some of the ideas I have listed will get you started.

There are a few things I want to accomplish this year, one of which is to finish up on some online classes that I started or paid for and never took or finished. Online card classes over at is one of them. This month I want to get organized so that when it is too hot to go outside this summer I will come in and cool off and make a few cards.
To assist in organizing for the class I am using a vintage bill holder to create a card station. I had an antique toast holder but I can't seem to find it but I wanted you to know that will work also for this project.
 The project can be found on our Ustream Channel link HERE

began researching card sizes and started cutting down odds and end sized card stock I had for matting and card backs. I also cut down some in bookmark size and Project Life card sizes.

I put a few envelopes that I will want to stamp to coordinate with my card in the bill holder and I found a brass stamp roll holder at a thrift store so they will be conveniently near by. My address book and a tray to corral it all in complete the station. Cute huh?

So go ahead, don't feel overwhelmed by the stacks you might have let's come clean and use it or lose it!!

Join us on Saturday, May 7th at 10 a.m. on our Ustream channel

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