Here you will find all of our projects in one place Just Click on the title and it will link you to the blog post where you can read more about it and also find links to the Ustream show.

                                       The Original Vintage Camper Mini Album (Johnna)

I Want A Pony! Mini Album (Darcie)

The 500 Dollar Sandbox and Mini Album (Darcie)


                                        Retro Television Mini Album (Darcie)

Bowl-O-Rama Bowling Bag Mini Album (Johnna)


                                                        VHS Mini Album (Darcie)

                                                         Shoe Shine Kit Mini Album (Johnna)

                                                              Tiki Bar Mini (Johnna)

                                          Darcie's version of Johnna's Shoe Shine Kit Mini Album

                                                Alter an 8 track Mini Album (Johnna)

                                            Tag-a-long Camper and Mini Album(Johnna)

Kitschy Koffee Klatch Percolator Mini Album (Johnna)

                                              Pretty Pretty Princess Pillow Album (Darcie)

                                                 Retro Motel Mini Album(Johnna)

Fall Banner,Card and Burlap Panel Set w/ our camper guest JJ


  1. wowza - your projects are Awesome!! love the camper ones especially since I have an RV too. Do you have any patterns or just make them on your own? Love the vintage look. You both are so talented.

    1. Hi MoKnowAll, yes we have patterns and tutorials and videos, they have temporarily been taken down so that we can offer cut files too. Thank you for inquiring and posting the love!